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Need for Affirmation

Confrontaion of bitter self hate
Starvation to fill the need
Manipulation of my sanity
There’s hope for a dying breed
Affirmation of who we are
Observation of insecurities
Reflection of another soul lost
Staring back at me
With nothing left to believe
Nothing left- nothing
There’s nothing left inside- of me
So show me (show me)
Tell me (tell me)
Lie to me, say there’s good in me
Just show me (show me)
Tell me (tell me)
Can you make me believe
Can you convince me
Will you fill the need
This is my confession
Of greed
There’s nothing left
Nothing left
Nothing left to believe.


Weep not of yesteryear
Wrists shackled in the dark
In the balance slipping down
Like a puppet you play your part
Reasoning with emptiness
Risking the world you’ve built
Deciphering the madness
Digging deeper still

Barren with the burden
Burdened with the hate
Hate for what’s inside
Inside your perceptions

Walking in your sleep
A nightmarish reality
We all have vices holding us
We all get the third degree
Unfold the pages
Seperate them from all you know
Start with a clean slate
With eyes open you will be shown

Unbecome the ending
There is hope (of better days)